Our full service conventional model shop and service bureau for rapid prototyping was founded in 1960 at our present location.

Conventionally constructed, fabricated molds are provided using CNC milling machines, lathes, vacuum formers and shop metal working machines. Laser cut parts are also available. We offer rubber molds using the RTV Rubber mold technique in order to provide strong, photo shoot quality duplicate models. Two part urethane resins are tinted to your specifications. The strength of this process is suitable for most commercial applications where duplicate models are required for testing.

We generally run our FDM parts in white ABS with a surface comparable to most rapid prototyping materials. By finishing the FDM part to master pattern quality, we can also offer flexible parts. We utilize RTV silicon or urethane “rubber” molds in order to duplicate the FDM part for quantity runs. We recommend using casting wax patterns to be used for ceramic investment mold manufacture.

We feel that the FDM process is better than SLA or SLS because the model is FUNCTIONAL and can be used as a WORKING MODEL immediately. FDM material is similar to conventional ABS sheet, rod and bar stock. If changes or alterations are necessary, we simply cut away the section and add the new sections using solvent bond or k-glue. Prototype models that require a super outside finish are sanded and prepped for a painted surface.

The initial cost of the FDM prototype and turn around time is competitive with the other systems. Our machine is a Stratasys 2000 capable of tolerances of plus or minus .005″. ABS can be resin bonded so we can build larger models by building in sections and bonding into one piece.

Our WATER WORKS system dissolves the support material in water to assure that our model is nick/scratch free and uniformly smooth, leaving the fine details sharp.

The material specifications for ABS – P400 provided by Stratasys:
Tensile Strength:
5000 psi
Tensile Modulus:
360,000 psi
Flexible Strength:
9,5000 psi
Flexible Modulus:
380,000 psi
Impact Strength:
Notched Izod:
2.00 ft. lb./in.
24.00 ft. lb./in.
Hardness (shore D):
78 (D)
> 10%