CAD/CAM/CAE Software gets easier

CAD/CAM/CAE Software gets easier

Since the dawn of computer-aided design, CAD software vendors have been making claims about ease of use. Fewer menu clicks, more Windows-like interfaces, shorter learning curves. Consumers have pretty much heard it all.

There is a good reason for all the promises: In several surveys, ease of use ranks very high in engineers’ hierarchy of expressed software needs.

Here’s a new twist: A group of 12 companies headed by Alibre Inc. in Richardson, TX has put together a CD package that is a virtual “welcome wagon” for CAD users, not unlike that bundle of coupons you receive in the mail when moving into a new neighborhood. The companies, which include Alibre and several of its software and hardware partners, are offering discounts or free trials of their products. The CD is geared toward anyone who uses CAD.

The “Alibre Demo CD” is included with this issue of Design News and is also available on the Alibre Web site (


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